Easy Ways to Make Your Hot Tub More Family Friendly

Easy Ways to Make Your Hot Tub More Family Friendly

Easy Ways to Make Your Hot Tub More Family Friendly

Add Safety Features

If there are steps leading up to your hot tub, make sure they are slip resistant and that there is a guardrail to hang on to while going up or down the steps. If your tub is not already equipped with them, putting in “jump seats” will allow kids to sit in waist-deep water, allowing them to enjoy the warmth at a more tolerable level.

Adjust Temperature Settings

Most modern hot tubs come with a factory water temperature limit set at 104 degrees, which is much too high for kids to bathe in safely. Lower your spa’s temperature to about 98 to 100 degrees, or even slightly lower, to keep it nice and toasty for adults but safe for the kids to enjoy, too. Remember, kids shouldn’t be in the hot tub for periods of time longer than about 15 minutes at a time.

Family Rules

Just like the pool, kitchen, or other busy areas of your house, the hot tub needs its own set of rules. These can (and should) include not bringing messy foods into the spa, never getting in the hot tub without an adult’s permission and not touching any buttons on the tub’s controls. Don’t just tell your kids what the rules are; make sure they understand why they are in place and what could happen if they don’t follow them.

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Plan Fun Activities

Taking a dip in a warm spa is a treat on its own, but why not add some games and activities to make your family’s time in the tub even more exciting? There are a number of board games sold in waterproof or floating versions for some friendly competition. You could even set up your own “sit-in” outdoor movie theater with a projector and a screen or wall. The possibilities are endless, but all are sure to bring your family closer together this spa season.

Have Friends Join in the Fun

For most kids, hanging out with their friends is at the top of their list of priorities. Make your backyard the “it” spot for hangouts by letting your kids invite their friends over for a warm swim on a chilly evening. With the proper adult supervision (and permission from each child’s parents), your kids and their best buds can enjoy an energizing soak in the spa and you are bound to become the coolest parent on the block.

Let the Good Times Roll

Kids will be kids—they’ll splash, kick and bring their toys into the spa. Being a parent is a full-time job packed with silly, wild and unforgettable moments, so take it easy and let yourself have fun, even when things get a little messy!

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