Diving into 2016’s pool trends

Diving into 2016’s pool trends

Diving into 2016’s pool trends

Vanishing Edge Pool

Trend #1: Vanishing Edges
One of the more expensive, but beautiful, pool trends floating around lately is the vanishing edge. By bringing down one side of a pool to water level and building in a basin to catch whatever water spills over, this unique pool architecture is great for areas with a view.

Glass Tiles

Trend #2: Glass Tiles
Instead of using just basic white tile, add some multicolor glass to your pool to provide a bit of aesthetic flair. The sun’s light will reflect off the glass and turn the water into a dazzling light show.

Tanning Ledges

Trend #3: Tanning Ledges
Looking for the cool, relaxing enjoyment of a pool without the swimming? Tanning ledges allow you exactly that. Comprising only 12 inches of water or less, these mini pools provide a great area for tanning, while providing kids and pets a haven from the greater depths of the pool.

Fire Bowls

Trend #4: Fire Bowls
Fire bowls give your pool that vacation feel with the convenience of being at home. Often coming with remotes that power them on and off, these products are a great finishing touch for any pool – but make sure to plan ahead if you’re looking to feature them in your design. They take plenty of planning and thought to install properly.

LED Pool Light

Trend #5: LED Lights
Enjoy any visual effect you want with the creative use of LED lighting. Whether that’s multicolor beams gleaming through the water, or more conservative lighting that points out the architecture of the pool, LED lights are more versatile than ever nowadays.

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